Surname of the Georgian Jews

As it generally known significant parts of the Georgian surnames have the endings ‘dze’ or ‘shvili’ which determine their national belonging. However, the same endings have surnames of the Jews who are living in Georgia and it is due to they live in this country for a long time (see ‘Jews in Georgia). Some of these surnames are common i. e. it can be met in the Jews and in the Georgians as well, therefore it is impossible to establish their nationality merely by the surnames. Hence, such kind of common surnames in the reference have our note that [surname is common – Georgian and Jewish]

On this alphabetical reference you can see surnames of the Georgian Jews which are published in the following works: Ilia Gagulashvili, Brief dictionary of surnames of the Georgian Jews, Quthaisi 1998 and Zurab Tchumburidze, What is your name? Tbilisi 2003, pp. 111-114. Note: we are not responsible on information in these books