Our symbol is the biggest plane tree (Platanus - Latin; Tchadari - Georgian) in Georgia, which is in Telavi, a town on the slopes of the Gombori ridge, an area abundant in plane and mulberry trees, was the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The plane tree in Telavi is near the ‘Batonis Tsikhe’ (the Prince’s Castle), the Batonis Tsqharo’ (the Prince’s Spring) and the monument to the great Georgian King of the 18th century Heracles II. This 800-year old plane tree, the pride of Telavi and the Georgians, is 40 meters high and 12 meters around the base.
It is known that the great Georgian writers Ilia Tchavtchavadze, Akaki Dseretheli, Vazha-Phshavela and other Georgian or foreign public figures were visited to see the plane tree in Telavi. As earlier, there are so many guests to see the tree, which attract and charm the visitors by its greatness and beauty.
Due to a tree is a genealogical symbol as usual, we decided to make symbolical for our website this most known, the oldest and greatest plane tree in Georgia. However, what we put into our thoughts by choosing the plane tree as a symbol of ‘Georgian Genealogy’, as the greatest Georgian poet Ilia Tchavtchavadze said: “Let a reader imagine itself”.

Autor and compiler of the website
Mr. Rezo Khutsisvili
Doctor of history, Professor

… Child must know where his/her father stopped and what he has achieved, in order to start own life from that point. Child has to turn out the following questions: when his/her father was a truthful and good, when he was a wrong, what he considered in kindness and malicious, what supported and delayed him, what was his work, what he thought necessary to do, also, why and what for he was relaxing. Without knowing these, even if child is a strong and efficient, will be like an elephant without trunk, and cannot do anything in the country, as David Guramishvili said.
[Ilia Tchavtchavadze]