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History of surnames

One of the first work on origin of  Georgian surnames was written by the well-known Georgian statesman, writer and scientist Ioane Bagrationi-Batonishvili. more >>
In 'Search Engine' above you can find out the settling-places of some Georgian family names and their existence in the historic sources. For more information see ‘What we offer’

Surnames in the historic sources

The list of the nobility of the Qarthl-Kakhethi kingdom of 1783 Georgian Antiquities. Georgian legal monuments. The Tbethi Synodal Records. The Charters of Blood.  Historic documents. The Chronicles and other materials about Georgian history and writings. Materials of Georgia's statistical census in the eighteenth century  



Discription of the Georgian Kingdom

Georgian geographer, historian and cartographer Vakhushti Batonishvili near the year 1745 completed his unique work, which he titled: "Description of the Georgian Kingdom". The work comprised the unique facts about history of Georgia and geography from old times to the middle of XVIII century. more >>



Sayings and legends 

The immediate goale of this project is to research the sayings and legends on Georgian surnames, as much as possible, and provide them to our customers via internet.
Within this project you can submit information about the Georgians and your personal surnames as well. more >> 


It is one of the urgent problems to study history of the Georgian family names and genealogical researches, as well as widespread adoption of their scientific results in the large sections of the public. Our project implies to create the encyclopedia about all of the Georgian historic-social family names: prince – ‘thavadi’, petty noble – ‘aznauri’, peasant – ‘glekhi’, clergy – ‘sasuliero’… more >>

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