List of the gentry (aznauri)

List of the Georgian noble families of the 19th century

There were two orders in the Georgian nobility: Thavadebi - heads of a feudal clan (princes) and Aznaurebi (petty nobility) - lower order of the feudal nobility. On this alphabetical reference you can see: names, positions, titles and clerical ranks of the Georgian Aznauri (gentry) families of abovementioned century; hereby are information about their family members and their relations as well. In the historic sources their ages are written just in the list of the Samegrelo-Svanethi families and therefore we noted them in the round brackets. There is information related to the following Georgian regions: Qarthli-Kakhethi [q-k], Imerethi-Ratcha-Lechkhumi [i-r-l] and Samegrelo-Svanethi [s-s]. Unfortunately we have not such records on other regions. Our abbreviations in these square brackets in the reference point at their belonging to the regions. Published and archival sources: Z. Tchumburidze, Q. Chkhatarashvili, "The noble families of Guria", Tbilisi 1993; Z. Tchumburidze, "The noble families of Imerethi", Tbilisi 1999, "The nobles of Qarthli-Kakhethi", Tbilisi 2005; Central State Historic Archive of Georgia, collection 213, v. 1, files 2128, 2128a; collection 214, v. 1, file 3337; Quthaisi Central State Archive, collection 1, file 7784.