Description of the Georgian Kingdom

Vakhushti Batonishvili

Description of the Georgian Kingdom

About surnames of the kings

Surnames of the kings were: at first Qarthlosiani, Nebrothiani and Arshakuniani; they were reigning in 566, and were sitting 28. After them was surname Khosrovani; they were reigning in 454, kings were sitting 17 and heads 3. After them Bagrationi, that ascended the throne in 575 AD and are up to the present. The kings were known in Iveria by the fallowing characters: the Qarthlosian-Nebrothian-Arshakuinians by heroism; the Khosrovanis by gigantism, imposing appearance, bravery; the Bagrationis by courageous, wisdom-charity and devotion to the country.

About surnames of the heads

But surnames of the old heads are: Qobulisdze, Donauri, Arelmaneli, Baqhushi, that was Liparitisdze, Marushisdze, Kakhaberidze, Bakurisdze, Abuleli, Mkhargrdzeli, Oebeliani, Qachibadze, Vardanisdze, Gamrekeli, Marushisdze, Dzaganisdze, Asathisdze, Karitchisdze, Gageli, Samdzivari, Pharjiani, Nersiani, Adarnasiani, Juansheriani, Kavkasidze, Jaqheli, Iruphaqisdze, Cholaqhashvili, Abazadze, Korintheli, Makhateli, Nasidze, Sharvashidze, Quenaphlaveli, Javakhishvili, Burseli and many others… 

About surnames of the present-day heads

But surnames of the recent heads and nobles are: Barathashvili, who are holding Gachiani and Gardabani principalities in the South of Thbilisi up to Lore-Phanavri, the royal and donor churches. Though as they say they came of a family Qachibadze, that claim King`s charters and deeds to them. Also Qhaphlanishvili and Abashisshvili say about their origin from three brothers. Although, Qhaphlanishvili say that their surname was from Orbeliani, because of Orbeliani and Qachibadze were not different surnames, but for once two brothers were divided, from Baratha came Barathiani and according to the name was called the places of Sabarathiano; and according to Abashi - Abashashvilis and so others, which are originated from the Barathianis as well. No doubt that Qhaphlanian`s third brother has been called Orbeli and according to him got surname the Orbelianis, otherwise aforesaid could not be justified. And, in the Barathas` charter, which is in Bethania, is written: son of king George king Alexander [here is implied son of Constantine Alexander I 1412-1442] separated the following three brothers - Abashi, Guguna and David. From Abashi are the Abashishvilis, from Guguna are the Barathians and from David are the Qhaphlanishvilis. And, Armenian Meliq is not a surname, but Shaabas [Persian king in XVII c.] gave the surname to some one Armenian in respect that he took Islam on trust. The Arghuthashvilis, which are now the noblemen, are not the Mkhargrdzelis in reality. And, about the Zurabashvilis, Iaralashvilis and Solaghashvilis, according to the sayings they are not the Barathianis, because their lands and cemeteries show their genesis. The same is about the Dolenjishvilis that have come from Meskhi. Qharabudaghisshvili came from Mariamjuari`s Kakhethi. And, to the West of Mtskhetha and to the West of Mtkvari living Tsitsishvili who in old times came from Phanaskethi, is Javakhisshvili; And, Mouravisshvili is Saakadze that was appointed as head by king; Rotchikashvili is Shalikashvili, who came from Samtskhe. And, in Inner Qarthli living Amilakhori is not surname, it is a rule of chief of the grooms, as are calling them the Persians, and their surname is Zedginidze, and they are respected by king`s government as their charters show. Abashidze, Phalavandishvili and Amirejibi during their unity had the lands in Imerethi and Qarthli, since the kingdom was divided one of the brothers remained hither and the second - thither, as their lands and charters show. Regarding the Avalisshvili, when king of Qarthli remained in the gorge, one of the brothers settled here and the second - in Samtskhe. Machabeli says that he is Anchabadze and came from Abkhazethi, it is not the news. Kherkheulidze says that he is Osi, but his coming is due to his separation. Phavlenisshvili says that hi is Mkhargrdzeli. And, Meskhian Amilakhorisshvili, Diasamidze, Shalikashvili and Thaqthaqisshvili after the Tatars invasion came from Samtskhe; Chkheidze came from Imerethi. And, Ramazisshvili and Davithisshvili are from Avgiorgi`s brother Demeter that supported by king and since then are here. And, Eristhavi of the Ialbuzi slopes` Qsani are not from Qvenaphlaveli, but he says that is from Bibiluri. And, Eristhavi of Aragvi - we`ve already described indeed, but he says that he is Sidamoni. And, Mukhran Batoni and Gochashvili at present are heads, but by surname they are the royal Bagrationis, as they are described. 

About the nobles 

Among at present heads the highest noblemen and mighty were, and inseparable family had: first Mukhran Batoni, Eristhavi of Aragvi, Eristhavi of Qsani, Amilakhori and Qhaphlanishvili, upper Tsitsishvili was once inseparable, and Armenian Meliqi. For the gentries are numerous we do not say on them, just will write their old names such Abazadze, Korintheli, Makhateli, Arghuthashvili, Gogibashvili, Nasidze, Ghazneli. There are that turned into gentries, such Ratisshvili, part of Eristhavi of Qsani that had a land, though now are lowered. And Zedgenidze, Saakadze, Eliozashvili that were turned into heads, because of change the times i. e. the brothers, and some of them were heightened and some - lowered. 

About the Khakhs

And, in Khakhethi Choloqhashvili and Maqhashvili say that they are Iruphaqidze; Endronikasshvili says that he is from Andronike, who came from the first family/name of Caesar. Jorjadze, Tchavtchavadze, Vachnadze, Vakhvakhisshvili, Rusisshvili, Jandierisshvili, Avalisshvili and Cherqezi. These two were come since the separation. Guramisshvili and Tusisshvili - the Zedginidzes, those represent their cemetery in Mghvime even nowadays, and that they are the gentries more then less. 

About Samtskhe

As for Samtskhe: Jaqheli now is Athabagi and Phasha of Akhaltsikhe; Shalikashvili, Thadgiridze, Diasamidze, Qobulisdze, Gogibashvili, Amilakhori, Avalisshvili, Sumbatisshvili, Gogorisshvili, Thukhareli, Ghaghanidze and others are not called by surname, but as Phasha, Beg and Sanjakhi; and many gentries as well, don`t think that we kept silent about it. 

About Imerethi

And in Imerethi: in Arguethi Abashidze, Phkheidze, Tseretheli and Chkheidze (The same Chkheidzes are current Eristhavi and Spaspeti of Racha), Lorthqiphanidze, Nizharadze and Ghoghoberidze are the gentries and respected by kings as heads. And in Racha are Tsulukidze, Iashvili, Japharidze, Inasaridze, Lashkhisshvili. And in Svanethi is Gelovani who is most span and powerful person there. 
There are in plain Tchiladze, Miqeladze and Chijavadze; and many gentries that are kinds as it becomes to noble morality (as in old time in Iveria accepted to say: the Meskhis are reliable, the Qarthlians are princes, the Imerethians are nobles and the Khakhithians are traders). We don`t describe more for to cut the long story short. But, most noble and powerful were Eristhavi and Abashidze in Racha. 

About Odishi

And in Odishi is prince Dadiani who himself is an owner of Odishi since the separation. But now is Chiqovani who got out Dadiani and heads of Odishi, and according to a description from lower gentries became Dadiani. Also there are the following heads: Goshadze, Phaghava, Jaiani, Chichua and others, and many gentries. 

About Aphkhazethi

And in Aphkhzethi is the same Shervashidze that is an owner of the Aphkhazians; and lowest Anchabadze. 

About Guria

And in Guria is Gurieli, who himself is an owner and says that he is Vardan`s son; and the others are under his subordination: Thadgiridze and Amilakhori came there from Samtskhe, Sharvashisdze came from Aphkhazethi, Beridze, Kverghelisdze, Berezhiani, Nakashidze and others, gentries as well. [Pp. 33-37]